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The Entrebellion Tapes Podcast

Join me as I travel the United States interviewing rebellious entrepreneurs who are shaking the world with their soul-aligned businesses and creative work.

Each week this podcast will feature an unfiltered conversation with a rebellious entrepreneur that takes place in-person and in each guest’s element— their shop, studio, office, favorite coffee shop, or the spot they find most inspiring in nature.

New episodes drop every Wednesday morning.


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Your support of my Patreon will allow me to continue traveling the United States to do the spiritual and energetic work I am being called to do for the collective. Your support also allows me to continue sharing this work with our broader community, such as in the Entrebellion Tapes Podcast and with special content and intuitive guidance for our community on Patreon.

Supporting me on Patreon is one intentional action you can take to support the new paradigm of business, entrepreneurship, and commerce we are stepping in to. Plus, I have selected intentional perks to give back to you as a way of showing my gratitude for your belief in me and our collective future.


I am currently planning my Summer and Fall 2019 travel with a focus on intentional connections that allow me to share my intuitive gifts through readings, business strategy, and group experiences.

Sound perfect for your town? Let’s connect!


Intuitive Business & Life Purpose Readings

We are not alone on our entrepreneurial journeys or in our businesses. Beyond the experts, mentors, and loved ones with us in life, we also are supported by our Spirit Teams. During an Intuitive Business Reading, Chynna tunes into her client’s Spirit Team and her own Spirit Team to bring forth messages, insight, and strategy that will provide the client with clarity on how to grow their business so they can be of even more service to the world.

Chynna can offering Intuitive Business Readings in your shop or store. Based on what is best for your space, event, and customers/clients, these readings can be offered as 15, 30, or 60 minute each.

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Intuitive Business Healer Residency

The Intuitive Business Healer-in-Residence program is a vision that I’ve been nurturing for the past year. I believe it is an embodiment of a new way of entrepreneurship— one that prioritizes meaningful connections, fair energetic exchanges, and an intentional community.

simply put . . . . This program is an opportunity for me to visit a handful of communities in the United States and share my gifts and services as an Intuitive Business Healer.

The backbone of the Intuitive Business Healer-in-Residence program is an energetic exchange between me as the Intuitive Business Healer and an individual or individuals in a specific community.


Intentional Group Workshop Experiences

The business paradigm is shifting and we are being called to do business differently!

As an Intuitive Business Healer, Chynna’s work is help guide and support the trailblazing entrepreneurs who are shepherding in this new way of doing business. One way she does this is through intentional workshops that she intuitively creates for each group she works with.

Group workshops create a unique opportunity for individuals to come together with the goal of learning together in a shared space. Chynna’s facilitation style encourages participants to get to know one another and form connections that may last long after the workshop is done.


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